it's FREE SHIPPING worldwide !


Within 7 days after your purchase, a shipping confirmation will be sent to you by email with an enclosed tracking number. If you have trouble using the tracking number feel free to send us an email at with your order number and we will tell you where your purchase is!

Your purchases will usually take 10 to 25 days to arrive in 97% of cases, but it may also take up to 35 days on rare occasions due to customs delays, which we have no control over.

NOTE: Some articles may ship faster or slower than specified above, in those cases the shipping delay is clearly stated in the product description.

We send items in Multiple packages, this speed things up, if you ordered multiple items they might not arrive on the same day, don't be alarmed it's normal.

If your item is lost or damaged in the shipping process, we will send you a free replacement free of charge, just contact us and we will take care of it within 24 hours.

For returns, we will email you our return address, since this is a Family run business. We work from our home office, so it is why we do not supply, our return address on the store pages.

Your satisfaction is important to us, so we pride ourselves in giving a fast and courteous service.

Audrey and George