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What to get your girlfriend for her birthday


Getting a great gift for a loved one can be an arduous task. Everyone has at least once in their lifetime been faced with having no idea what to offer a loved one for their birthday or other occasions.

Choosing a gift is something that is not always easy, and this is especially often difficult when it comes to girlfriends or boyfriends. Here are my tips to make your next gift a success. Most gift ideas fall into 5 categories, gifts that fit someone's passion, interests, needs, sense of humor or romantic.

Usually things are a bit more complicated at the beginning of the relationship or after many years. At the beginning the problem lies in not knowing the person enough, and after many years you might run out of ideas!

The most important attribute of any good gift giver is being attentive to your significant other’s verbal and non-verbal cues, because everyone will eventually talk about or show what they like. It’s up to us to pick up on it and transform that information into gift ideas that will bring a smile and a warmth to their hearts.

There are a few tricks to help you find something to please your loved one, you can start by making a list of her interests and passions, for example, her interests could be reading novels and cooking, and her passion is collecting coffee mugs from around the world. Right now, you just gave yourself 3 areas where you could find something that will make her smile, but your job is not over.

cat coffee mug

In the 3 interest’s areas you must know what she already owns, and what you could add. If you buy her a book she already has, it will be a flop. So, you will have to snoop around her bookshelf or her coffee cup collection and check what she has, that could prove to be arduous if the quantity is enormous.

So next step could be what she needs in her a life, a practical article, but please don’t offer her a power drill if she does not have one, you could end up being chased around by a mad girl with a power tool! So, for her needs the trick is to listen to her, eventually she will share her disappointment in not being able to do a certain task because she is missing a certain accessory, if it’s an article than looks good as a gift, voila!

Now comes the hard part for many guys, the romantic gift, to be successful you have to know your partner or be very attentive, what I mean by that is to try to notice what would be a romantic gift she will appreciate, does she like jewelry ? If yes, then what kind, is she more into earrings, bracelets, necklaces, once you have determined that you can try to find a piece that fits your budget and length of relation, because let’s face it, if you buy a diamond incrusted bracelet after only 2 months of dating, unless your Jeff Bezos, it's really over the top and could backfire on you. Unless of course she's a Gold-digger, then you have just solidified your cash dependent relationship.

If all the previous failed, a very good approach is to bring her along to a shopping day but try to avoid clothing stores because you could lose your entire day looking at shoes. Also, clothing is one of the worst gift ideas. Bring her to different kinds of stores and pay attention to what she looks at, and what grabs her attention and her comments, after this day you should have a good idea what could make a great gift and make her smile.

Now if all article-based ideas just won't cut it. You can try to bring her to an event, depending also on her tastes, you could get her a pair of tickets to a concert, stand-up show or to the theater, this also will require you to investigate what she would like if you don't already know.

If you have any tips or stories of your own, feel free to post your comments below.

  • George Boychuk
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